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Sub-project 6

Appropriation and structuration of cultural-heritage-formations in settings of family education. Increasing awareness of political participation in the context of inclusive education.

Direction: Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak/ Prof. Dr. Claudia Schomaker

Department of Vocational Education and Adult Education/ Department of Special Education

Assistant: Florian Grawan, M. A.

Cultural-heritage-formations are constructed through interactions in various contexts. The project intends to analyze whether those can be found in contexts in which interactions between parents and children are present and, moreover, if settings of family education can be used as a ‘room of appropriation’ to realize inclusive education.

The project reconstructs cultural-heritage-formations through perceptions of hybrid identities and social affiliations in educational institutions and families. In this context, informal and non-formal learning processes influence each other. Many different learning methods are used especially in family education. The analysis examines if these strategies can be used to realize inclusive education.

Sub-project 6 functions as a link between the ‘Arenas of negotiations of cultural-heritage’ in the joint research project: The identity constructions through cultural heritage therefore influence the processes of communication and socialization in institutionalized courses of educational institutions, e. g. in the family education (sub-projects 3 and 4). In which way do constructions of ‘past presencing’ interact with representations of cultural heritage regarding the changes in organized education formats in a diverse and amorphous society? (sub-projects 1 and 2).