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Sub-project titles

Sub-project 1: Cultural valorization strategies of historic traditions and remains. Urban heritage in Barcelona, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Breslau and Berlin.

Sub-projekt 2: Constructions and reflections of cultural heritage apart from urban agglomerations. Rural heritage in the Hanoverian Wendland.

Sub-project 3: Cultural heritage in ethno-heterogeneous societies. On the production of historicity in Dutch, Portuguese and East Frisian groups.

Sub-project 4: Cultural heritage in football clubs and allotment associations. An empirical study on participation in difference and diversity.

Sub-project 5: Post-colonial cultural heritage conceptions of students. An empirical study with didactical intent.

Sub-project 6: Appropriation and structuration of cultural-heritage-formations in settings of family education. Increasing awareness of political participation in the context of inclusive education.

Associated sub-project A: World cultural heritage from the perspective of youths - perceptions, meanings, attitudes and values in context of cultural awareness and societal transformation.      

Associated sub-project B: Indigenous versus Newcomer History: From the Moravian Fairfield Mission, 1792-1902, to the Lunaapeew Culture Revival in the 21st Century

Associated sub-project C: Memories of Atlantic Slavery. France and Spain, the French Caribbean and Cuba Compared in the Context of Global Debates about the Commemoration of Slave Trade and Slavery